About Octane

Georgia Octane Baseball Organization was founded by former professional baseball player, Travis Bailey, in 2013 with the following mission statement:

"Georgia Octane believes in the successful development of young individuals by implementing the fundamentals of baseball and softball instruction in conjunction with providing a competitive playing environment.  We believe every one of our athletes must exercise not only their bodies, but their minds, to achieve their current and future life goals.  Through Octane's fundamental principles of accountability, respect, discipline, leadership, and hard work- in a highly competitive playing environment, we build young athletes with outstanding moral and personal character.  Our athletes will grow to be productive and responsible adults, pushing their personal boundaries and facing competitive life situations with integrity and resolve."


Georgia Octane is home to 6 travel baseball teams and 2 travel softball teams, baseball and softball personal instruction, as well as fitness/speed and agility coaching.  Our state of the art facility is just over 7000 sq. feet and services the young ladies and gentlemen of North Georgia, building a better tomorrow for the youth of Cumming, Georgia.